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Childhood anxiety is more common than many people believe, and for those families affected, it can be challenging. At Montgomery Pediatrics in Cincinnati, Ohio, your family can get answers about childhood anxiety, and your son or daughter can receive the care they need to cope and enjoy a happy and healthy life. When you’re ready to learn more, call to request an appointment today.

Anxiety Q & A

What is childhood anxiety?

Anxiety is a part of life and serves an essential function for human beings. It’s anxiety that alerts us to dangers in our environment and fuels our fight or flight instincts. 

Kids will go through normal bouts of anxiety when starting a new school year, making and keeping friends, during tests, and many other instances. 

For some kids, however, anxiety develops into a chronic issue getting in the way of normal daily routines. The easiest way to determine if your child’s anxiety should be evaluated by a professional is to closely observe their daily emotions and behaviors. 

If fears begin to negatively impact friendships, school performance, or relationships at home, it’s time to look for help. 

What are some signs of childhood anxiety?

Some behaviors that might indicate an anxiety problem include:

  • Explosive outbursts that seem oppositional but are really a fight or flight response
  • Being overly avoidant or clingy with parents and caregivers
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Frequent stomach aches
  • Ongoing worries about loved ones coming into harm’s way
  • Extreme homesickness or misery when separated from the family

This is far from a comprehensive list. Any behaviors that prevent normal interactions with others, unexplained physical complaints, or extreme emotional reactions can be signs of childhood anxiety.

What can be done to treat childhood anxiety?

An approach called cognitive behavioral therapy is a powerful tool in treating childhood anxiety. This treatment helps your child identify when they are having an anxious reaction. 

Kids learn to stop and think about their reaction to identify if those thoughts are accurate or a distorted way of looking at the situation. 

Over time, kids learn to quickly assess their feelings and current situation and to make thoughtful decisions about whether their anxiety is warranted. This becomes a habit, and many children learn to cope with stressors in a healthier manner. 

Medication can also play a role in treating childhood anxiety. The pediatricians at Montgomery Pediatrics have the skills and training needed to assess whether medication is the right path, and which options have the best chance of achieving results. 

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