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Why Choose Us?


Montgomery Pediatrics, INC. We believe in exceptional care. 

Every healthcare team is not the same. Our group consists of five board certified pediatricians. We recognize that the care of a child is a team approach with a common goal of providing children with a strong foundation in which to grow and thrive. Our small practice size and collaborative philosophy  allows us the opportunity to provide personalized care to every patient and family. We partner with our experienced, caring staff, many of whom have been at our practice for over ten years. 

Every child is not the same.  We strive to create long lasting relationships with our patients and families. Each family has a dedicated pediatrician who follows them from birth to adulthood. This allows us to engage on higher level discussions about your child’s health and well-being taking in account their individual personality, family dynamic, and unique health care needs. We understand that life with children is busy and there will be times when you will be unable to see your regular pediatrician. As a practice, we all have similar medical philosophies and communicate with each other often. Rest assured that each pediatrician in the practice is equally invested in your child’s care 

Every visit is not the same.  We value the time we are able to dedicate to each patient and family. We never want you to feel rushed or unheard. We provided extended well visit appointments and reserve extra time for other visits types when needed. This allows us the ability to thoroughly evaluate, manage, and discuss the plan of care. We are also able to thoughtfully answer questions and provide appropriate anticipatory guidance.