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Adolescent ( 12-18 years old)


Information for Parents/Guardians Regarding Adolescent Confidentiality

We value the relationship we have with our families and recognize you as a valuable member of our healthcare team. As your child enters their teen years we hope to continue this partnership.

Your provider may request to speak with your child privately during their routine physical or sick visits. To deliver comprehensive care, this discussion may include topics related to their physical, social and emotional health. The goal of this dedicated time is to help your child develop skills that will allow them to speak confidentially about their medical history and teach them how to discuss concerns with their health care provider.   

Your child’s physician may discuss sensitive topics with them. Your child’s provider is trained to discuss risk taking behaviors and how to encourage good decision making and open communication with parents and caregivers. Topics may include peer relationships, sexuality, mood, tobacco, alcohol or drug use. Research has shown that health care providers play a key role in early identification of these behaviors and can help with early intervention and facilitate further resources if indicated.

As your child enters their teen years they have a right to confidential care in the doctor-patient relationship. If we ascertain important health information during these discussions, we will empower your child to discuss it with you. If this is not possible, we will communicate important information with their permission. However, if your child shares information that raises concerns about their safety, the safety of others, or concerns about abuse we will share this with you.

The opportunity to meet with your child alone is invaluable. We met many of our patients as newborns and welcomed others at various stages of their childhood. We value the opportunity to cultivate this relationship and to learn more about their strengths, goals, and future aspirations. Thank you for being a part of the MPI family and we look forward to this next stage in your child’s life.


Information Regarding Mental Health Screening for Adolescents

At Montgomery Pediatrics we strive to provide excellent evidence based medical care. We met many of our patients as newborns and welcome others at various stages of their childhood. We have the privilege of watching them grow and thrive. Our duty as pediatricians extends beyond diagnosing and managing acute illnesses and seeing your child for annual wellness visits.  To provide your child with comprehensive care, we also assess their emotional and mental health. One way in which this is accomplished is by administering a validated screening questionnaire to all patients over the age of 12. The use of this screening is recommended and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We use this screening tool in conjunction with other methods to help ascertain if your child is at risk for depression and/or anxiety. If present, this allows us to recognize their symptoms early and provide interventions that will help promote their emotional well being. We keep your child’s specific answers to the questionnaire confidential in order to ensure that we receive accurate information. If there are concerns, we can discuss the numeric score with you. We will also discuss with your child the best way to include you in the conversation and decision making process. We value you and your child as members of the Montgomery Pediatrics Family and look forward to caring for your child as they enter adolescence.


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